People of The Bronx

Epitaph for a Bronx Accent – Tablet Magazine

The following is an excerpt from a wonderful post on The Bronx’s Jewish history and how a language united its people in a borough that was home to the largest Jewish population in all of New York City. … »

Savor The Bronx’s Little Italy—NYC’s Real Little Italy 

Wandering through the streets of Belmont on Arthur Avenue and side streets, you soon realize what a special place this is.
The most authentic Little Italy in New York City, Arthur Ave, despite changing demographics, still offers a unique slice of Italian tradition and history. … »

Watch: 101 Year Old Bronx Woman—And Runner—An Inspiration For All

Bronx resident Ida Keeling is literally in a league of her own. Keeling, who turns 101 this month, has been racing for over 30 years now.

This centenarian has been setting records, particularly women in the 95-99 year category and now just days before her 101st birthday, has set yet another record for a new age bracket. … »

When Bernie Sanders Visited A Bronx Clinic Three Years Ago

Many think that Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders’ first trip to The Bronx was last Thursday for the massive rally in St Mary’s Park that saw over 18,500 supporters during his New York State kick-off campaign.

But it wasn’t. … »

Bronx Population Growth Fastest in City & State as NYC Hits 8.5 Million Residents

If you feel subways and buses are crowded now more than ever—it’s not just your imagination.

For the first time in New York City history, the population has hit above 8.5 million people according to US Census estimates issued for last year—and The Bronx is leading not just the city in terms of growth but also the State of New York. … »

Federal Government Investigating Elevated Blood Lead Levels In NYCHA Developments

New York City Housing Authority’s 178,000 units spanning The Bronx and all the 5 boroughs of our city are in deplorable conditions.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that having to live in such conditions has negative impacts on families who are simply trying to get by.

Now, United States Attorney Preet Bharara’s office is, “…conducting a sweeping investigation of environmental health and safety conditions, including cases of elevated blood lead levels, in public housing and homeless shelters and the possibility that the New York City housing and homeless agencies filed false claims to federal housing officials for payment related to the conditions.” according to the New York Times. … »

‘Battling Bella’: The Bronx Woman Who Fought For All

Bella Abzug (née Savitsky) was born on July 24, 1920, in The Bronx to Russian Jewish immigrants who went on to become the first Jewish woman elected to Congress as well as the first woman elected to the House of Representatives on a platform of gender equality and women’s rights. … »