So you go to the local hardware store or Home Depot and purchase that compact florescent light bulb (CFLs) because we’re told that it’s great for the environment since it uses 75% less energy than a conventional incandescent bulb. You go home, replace the bulb and voila – you think you are now a happy green individual.

But then you go to your supermarket. You purchase that pineapple you’ve been craving (probably came from South America, Hawaii or the Caribbean – thousands of miles away), and “fresh” tomatoes (not so fresh when you consider they had to travel thousands of miles to get here because tomatoes are not in season in the Northeast until July). When all is said and done probably 99% of everything you purchased at said supermarket was not grown or produced locally for that matter and your total carbon footprint contribution for that one sale can easily offset that bulb you replaced at home earlier in the day.

One way you can help reduce your carbon footprint for produce is to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season in our region. In the Bronx we have access to several farmers markets and local Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) where you can purchase a share of produce for the growing season. Not only are you helping reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing from LOCALLY but you are supporting our regional farmers economically as well as connecting directly with the grower of your food, cutting out the middle “men” such as corporate farmers, buyers and supermarkets, the truckers delivering the produce to Hunts Point then the trucks from Hunts Point delivering your produce to your supermarket and finally to your table.

Wouldn’t you feel much better knowing EXACTLY where your food came from and who grew and delivered it to you? I know I would and to boot, my purchase would also be environmentally friendly. Who knew?!

Here’s a list of Farmers’ Markets in The Bronx:
Bronx Borough Hall Green Market (June 29 – November 23, Tuesdays, 8AM – 3PM)
Lincoln Hospital Green Market (June 29 – November 23, Tuesdays & Fridays, 8AM – 3PM)
Poe Park Green market (July 6 – November 23, Tuesdays, 8AM – 3PM)
New York Botanical Garden Green Market (June 16 – November 29, Wednesdays, 9AM – 6PM)

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  1. If you happen to work in Manhattan, there's this great website called that allows users to search greenmarkets by location, day of the week, vendor & ingredient. Just pick up your goods during lunch or after work and hop on the train home to the Boogie Down…green food, green mode of transportation!

  2. There is also one in front of Jacobi Medical Center on Tuesdays starting some time soon and going on until November.