The Importance Of Childcare For Parents In College

Image Credit: BronxNet

For many Bronxite mothers trying to juggle a career, their toddlers all while attending college seems an insurmountable task but childcare centers such as this one at Lehman College – which is about to double in size come this fall, is the key to success for these super moms. Wouldn’t it be great if parents at all colleges and universities had access to such facilities? Jump over to the Daily News to continue reading about one Bronx mother’s story if you haven’t already done so. Let us know what your thoughts are!


From BronxTalk host, Gary Axelbank:

Tonight’s BronxTalk will take a look at the proposed cuts to 42,000 day care and after school slots. Honestly, it will be a little hard for me to be objective about this subject, having raised my children in a Bronx where we we made extens…ive use of these programs and found them to be indispensable. So we’ll just tell it like it is. In any case our guests are an executive of an umbrella agency who runs these programs through the city and a rep from Bronx Works. BronxTalk, tonight at 9pm. Bronxnet’s channel 67, Fios 33.

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