Someone in The Bronx Bought Winning $10 Million Lotto Ticket

One lucky person in The Bronx purchased the single-winning ticket for the New York State Lottery this past Wednesday, September 11th.

Worth $10.7 million bucks, the lucky buyer got his ticket at TS Stationary in Norwood according to PIX11 News who also said the new millionaire hasn’t come forward.

TS Stationary in Norwood where the winning ticket was sold worth $10.7 million.

A big congratulations to the winner and if you’re reading this, let us know if you need help figuring out which local organizations to make donations to as we have a bunch you can support like The Bronx River Alliance, The Bronx Documentary Center, The Point CDC, Rocking the Boat just to name a few.

What would YOU do with $10.7 million?

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