Despite Win, More People Voted AGAINST Diaz than For Him

The hateful and hate-filled and homophobic New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, the same one who aligned himself with Republican (and another disgusting human being) Ted Cruz and brought him to The Bronx won yesterday’s Democratic primary election as he seeks to move from the state level back into City Council.

But make no mistake. He didn’t win with a mandate whatsoever. He was and is not wanted by the people of the district and for someone with such name recognition performed quite poorly. So poorly that 58% of voters chose someone else and should be embarrassed and it should serve as a sobering call that his name alone won’t necessarily save him in the future.


With 9,164 residents of City Council District 18 who voted, only 3,845 voted for the gross excuse of a man who is our state senator representing 42%.

A resounding 58% said NO to Ruben Diaz, 5,319 people to be exact which was divided up by other candidates like Amanda Farias, Elvin Garcia, William Moore, and Michael Beltzer.

These candidates need to regroup and pool their resources and collected efforts and perhaps even have one run against Diaz come November and maybe, just maybe they might be able to block him from entering the Council come January.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but we can’t give up on bringing down the corrupt Bronx Democratic political machine that builds political family dynasties instead of improving our communities.


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