The Bronx is beautiful and truly a wonderful place with such rich history and culture that I’m proud to say that I love The Bronx. I want to share that world with you and love to read your comments on the issues of the day that challenge us as a community.


Massive La Central Development in South Bronx Reaches a Milestone

The first building in the five building, 992 apartment development at La Central in Melrose has topped off reaching its maximum height. The massive development slated to be completed sometime in 2021 will provide housing to thousands of residents, house a new studio for BronxNet Television and will also include a massive 50,000 square foot…

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SURPRISE! Ocasio-Cortez Wins Election in Another Bronx District She Wasn’t Even Running In

First Ocasio-Cortez stunned the nation when she beat the powerful Queens Democratic Party boss and incumbent Rep Joseph Crowley of the 14th congressional district last month. Now last night it was revealed by the Daily News that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also won a primary in a district she wasn’t even running in! According to the Daily…

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311 Complaints Rising in Gentrifying Areas of South Bronx

A new study has shown that 311 complaints are up in gentrifying parts of the South Bronx according to data gathered by BuzzFeed. Several of the areas also show that these complaints have risen in areas where the Black and Latino population has decreased as the white population has increased such as Port Morris, Mott…

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16 Old Pictures of The Bronx

We just LOVE going through the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections to see old pictures of The Bronx. Check out these great pics below and let us know what you think! All images are from the Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy, The New York Public Library…

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The Mets’ FIRST Female Announcer & MLB’s First Latina is a Puerto Rican Woman From The Bronx

Marysol Castro recently made history by becoming the Mets’ first female announcer as well as Major League Baseball’s Latina announcer. And of course she’s from The Bronx. OK so she might work for that other team and not our hometown heroes aka the Yankees but hey, she’s making history and isn’t taking her role lightly.…

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