Disgusting Privileged Start-Up Company Wants to Destroy Our Bodegas

First of all, a bunch of privileged idiots not only want to destroy bodegas but they are doing so by calling themselves Bodega AND using a bodega cat as their logo.

Two weeks ago we spoke about how bodegas are an integral part of what makes The Bronx so awesome.


Sure they are not bastion of healthy eating (generally speaking) but they are a place where local residents can get their basic staples, feed their families and many times get credit extended to them when times are tough because that’s what a bodeguero does: He builds community.

It’s not like you can logon to Seamless or FreshDirect and say, “Hey, I need a dozen eggs, 2 gallons of milk, 10lbs of rice but can I pay you next week?”

If you check those apps, that is NOT an option but it is one at most of your bodegas.

[Photo: courtesy of Bodega]
Where else does one go to get their local gossip and find out what’s happening in their neighborhood, catch up with neighbors and do all of that?

Can this Bodega app make you a chopped cheese just the way you like it? Or a fresh deli sandwich? Mangu with queso frito and longaniza?

We’re not saying Bodegas are perfect because they aren’t and surely there’s room for improvement but the audacity and greed of Silicon Valley not only wanting to destroy the way of life for so many immigrant families of color and mom and pop shops should disgust you.

We’re not even talking about the utter cultural appropriation of the word bodega which they claimed they had vetted with the Latino community and apparently 97% of them said they’re cool with it but we know that’s bull.

But how do you in good conscience think that it’s ok to destroy the livelihoods of people and disrupt entire communities?

At least we know they’ll fail miserably if they even try to come into The Bronx and if it’s up to Frank Garcia, chairman of the New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he’d ask that members do not allow these soulless “bodega” pantries on their properties in the entire state of New York.

Bodegas are an important part of our culture and we’ll protect them how Bronxites know best.

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