BREAKING: Bronx Boxing Legend Jake LaMotta aka Raging Bull Dead at 95

Jake LaMotta and Sugar Ray Robinson during their world middleweight championship title match in Chicago in 1951.ASSOCIATED PRESS via the New York Times

The ultimate bad boy turned boxing legend born in The Bronx, Jake LaMotta has passed away at 95 in a nursing home in Miami from dysphagia pneumonia.

Born in The Bronx on July 10, 1922, Jake entered the world of boxing through unfortunate circumstances with his father forcing him to fight neighborhood kids where folks would throw money at them. 


His father would later collect the money to help pay the rent. 

LaMotta went on to have a career that lasted over a decade until he retired in the mid 1950s after sustaining an injury during a fight. 

Known as the Raging Bull, which was the name of his memoir and the 1980 biopic movie starring Robert DeNiro who won am academy award for his role as LaMotta won 83 fights during his career. 

Another Bronx legend had gone to rest. 


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