We Don’t Want To Be Like Brooklyn – Or Pittsburgh


Why Can’t the Bronx Be More Like Brooklyn?
This is one of those annoying articles and headlines that makes one say what the hell was the writer thinking? Perhaps it’s because we don’t want to be like Brooklyn? Maybe we don’t want to be a gentrification disaster like Brooklyn and lose our soul in the process?
Although the above captioned New York Times articles makes some valid points, overall it is rather offensive to many Bronxites (who by the way have voiced their displeasure with its suggestion) I mean…why should we aspire to be just another cookie cutter, neighborhood with Starbuck all over the place like the fried chicken restaurants we have now. To me that wouldn’t be much better since with it brings a host of issues, primarily displacement of the economically disadvantaged and recent immigrants.
No. The Bronx needs to be the Bronx. We have a unique mix – for better or worse (I like to think for better) that makes this our home. For decades and what seems like a lifetime we have done pretty damn well on our own without the help from hipsters.
So Brooklyn, don’t worry…you can keep your hipsters…we prefer our real people and besides – we’re way cooler than you.

Go to the NYTimes to read their “article”. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2012/07/15/magazine/bronx-economy.xml



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