Illegal Dumping in Melrose

Thanks to my daily walks around the neighborhood (and really thanks to my gorgeous Siberian, Kanela) I get to see more of the neighborhood everyday than I normally would otherwise.

Well today I passed by 688 Courtlandt Avenue at the corner of East 154th Street. For years the backyard of this 5-6 unit building with a vacant store on the ground floor has been the dumping ground in the vicinity for all things: mattresses, toilets, refrigerators and just garbage. We can thank the owner, Green Courtlandt Realty, Inc (ironic name, isn’t it?) who has neglected to repair the broken chain-link fence which has been wide open to the street for as long as I can remember. The garbage just spills right onto the sidewalk creating a breeding ground for all types of bugs, bacteria and rats…large ones.

So what does the Mayor of Melrose do about this? I snapped photographs, called, 311 and filed a complaint against the owner of the building for neglecting his property and letting it be utilized as an illegal dumping ground. Citizens of Melrose and any neighborhood for that matter, if you have similar problems in your neighborhood you have the right to have something done about it and this is especially EASY if you live in NYC with our handy 311 system.

Stay tuned to find out how long it will take to remediate this situation!

A big Melrose SHAME ON YOU to Green Courtlandt Realty, Inc for allowing 688 Courtlandt Avenue’s backyard to be a cesspool of filth in our neighborhood. Maybe you can create a private garden so that your tenants can enjoy a little greenery instead of staring at a mound of garbage?

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