Today, on May Day, I have decided to chronicle my journey as a South Bronx resident who is trying to be green including but not limited to eating healthy and in a green fashion.

Why May 1st? Well I decided to take advantage of today’s first ever, Bronx Food Summit which brought together people from all ends of the spectrum to bring the issues of food justice to the spotlight as well as issues of sustainability. Even more overwhelming was the sheer number of the public which came to the event thirsting for the knowledge to learn how they can do their part.


The Bronx has been undeserved in so many areas especially when it comes to food.  Have you ever asked yourself why areas of higher income have access to great produce and better food selections? Are you aware that this great food is already in the Bronx? There are many distributors located in Hunts Point and they won’t even deliver to the Bronx – the same borough they operate out of!

Speaking of which, did you know that Fresh Direct will only deliver to Riverdale but not the Bronx? If that wasn’t enough of an insult to Bronxites, they have now expanded delivery to Westchester County but won’t make stops through the neighborhoods which they pollute with their trucks zipping by to get to the third wealthiest county in the country.

I truly hope that my daily journeys  for a year, struggling to be a better citizen of our planet in the poorest congressional district of our nation, can serve as an inspiration and a wake up call that food justice, being green and the welfare of our environment is in our hands, in your hands and not government or big corporations…let’s reconnect with our farmers, our local community gardens and neighborhoods to become a sustainable society versus a wasteful one.

-Green Bronx Guy

(all photographs were taken at Hostos Community College on May 1st, 2010 for the first ever, Bronx Food Summit)

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