You would think that after attending and participating at the Bronx Food Summit that I would have made a better choice in eating but such is the danger of living in a Food Desert – it’s easier to eat something that kills rather than nourishes. Last night I ordered fried wings and french fries from the local Chinese take-out. I will try and make up for it later.

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  1. a small bump in an endless road…no stress, just stay away from the tostones/french fry/wing combo and you're good….;-)

  2. Good answers, thanks for that – I was not looking at the paper, evidently, just on the commentary. In my study I have measured waist and hips (women) and wrist size as well as height and weight (it is a pilot, aimed to find out acceptability and feasibility as well as a notion of effect sizes and variability). Not sure whether these will sufficiently account for the inconsistencies in BMI, at least I am trying something… Thanks for the background reading. I have sevaral other quite detailed questionnaire measures also, so this is just one area.