Glenn Beck, who probably never has set foot in Co-op City, compared the largest cooperative development in the country to the failed socialism of the former Soviet Union.  We all know that Co-op City suffers from many ills and is far from perfect but come on…really? Failed socialism?  I’m sure that the thousands of families who’ve made Co-op City their home through below market rate purchases think quite the opposite.  Should we really care what an alcoholic drug-addict thinks about the Bronx?  I think not.  Do you live in Co-op City?  If so, we’d like to hear from you!

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  1. Historical note: some of the earliest “cooperative” apartment buildings were built in The Bronx by socialist and communist jewish organizations. They’re still standing, replete with hammar-and-sickle decorations. LOOK IT UP.

  2. @BG if glenn beck wants to see socialism at work in the bronx he ought to visit the amalgamated housing development. the oldest limited equity housing cooperative in the United States, amalgamated was founded by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union…. and with its community programs and community-for-all perspective it’s as “socialist” as any development anywhere. and… it’s one of the most successful and stable housing initiatives and inventions, not only in the bronx and city, but in the world. to this day it’s a shining example of what this kind of housing can be.