Did the headline catch your attention? Perhaps you thought it a bit too harsh? Good.

As a lifelong resident of the Bronx, I am simply tired of our beloved borough being the default location for homeless shelters, half-way houses and rehab centers.  Sure there is an obvious need for these types of facilities but does it always have to be the Bronx?


Here is a story,  as reported by Daniel Beekman of the Daily News, where the citizens of Wakefield in the North Bronx have spoken against a homeless shelter and how the city is ignoring that collective voice.

A legitimate plan seems to have been thought out that would kill two birds with one stone and benefiting two Bronx neighborhoods but instead the city’s plan will only hurt the two.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr has threatened to sue the Bloomberg administration over this issue and I say to for it.  We need to stand united and be able to get what we the tax payers want, need and deserve just as anywhere below 96th Street in Manhattan usually gets.

What do YOU think?

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