24 hours after the “Great” East Coast Earthquake of 2011 we are left with the “what if” questions. What if it was in New York? What would I do or should do? Am I prepared for an emergency? The answer to that last question would probably be a resounding NO for most newyorkers.

Immediately following the 20 to 30 second rumble, our cell phone network failed due to overloaded circuits. In this modern era that is simply unacceptable. We need a reliable cellphone network that will keep on chugging during an actual disaster so that help can get to those in need and peace of mind can be had by loved ones.  We also have to remember that construction codes in New York do not call for any sort of earthquake proofing, etc.


Then there is the question of what to do in case of an earthquake. We’re not Californians – it’s not second nature for us. Do most of you know that if you find yourself indoors during an earthquake you’re safer staying indoors than running out and risking getting hit by falling debris?

If you haven’t done so already, please take the time and look over the following tips from FEMA and be in the know.

Take care, my fellow newyorkers and be safe!

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