Although you may not have heard much about Occupy Wall Street in mainstream media, except that it’s a “loosely organized band of hippies without direction”, this movement is close to Bronxites’ hearts whether or not they know it.   If you are unemployed, this is for you. If you ARE employed but barely surviving, this is for you. If you have children in public schools, this is for you. If you are a homeowner who is suffering from unscrupulous tactics by mortgage bankers and brokers, this is for you. If you are hungry, this is for you.
You see where I’m going with this?
As the borough that is home to the poorest congressional district in the nation, what our fellow citizens in Wall Street are protesting against is about us.  But you see, it goes beyond the Bronx, beyond the city, state and region. This is a movement that is for everyone regardless of your race, creed or color. Whether you are as left leaning as a hippy dancing in the mud during Woodstock or ultra conservative Tea Party patriot waving our flag proudly, this is for you.
For decades, Wall Street has run this nation of hours through big corporations spending millions of dollars a year on “purchasing” politicians. Why else would we spend trillions on bailing out banks and Wall Street and not our schools? When will it end?
How is this a fair and just society when a teacher pays more taxes than General Electric? The people have grown tired and are slowly awakening to the realities of how this country has been run for profit not for its people.
You are the 99% who is ruled by the elite 1% who owns the wealth in this nation.  It is time that we, the majority, take control of our future, our country and tell Wall Street and our government that the buck stops here.

Support the moment, educate yourself on the issues and be wary of what you see and read in big media for they are censoring this movement. Censorship only occurs when the powers that be become afraid of those they enslave.


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