In an expected move by many, the United States Supreme Court decided not to listen to a case that has been rolling around for well over a decade according to the Daily News.

Bronx Household of Faith v Board of Education of the City of New York tackles the ever so delicate balance of separation of church and state. The case is about the use of New York City public schools by religious groups as a space for Sunday worship.

The Bronx is often referred to as God’s Country due to the plethora houses of worship scattered throughout the borough.

Our founding fathers intended and fought for the separation of church from our government but how far do we have to go to protect that? Bronx Household of Faith and other religious leaders argue that the buildings are not in use on Sundays and wouldn’t interfere with the schools’ main function.

How do you feel about this?

Supreme Court nixes use of NYC public schools for services

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