New Metro North And Office Buildings on 149th Street Over The Railyards?

Metro North Rail Yards at 149th Street
Metro North Rail Yards at 149th Street

The 149th Street bridge over Metro North, between Lincoln Hospital, The Bronx Post Office, and Hostos Community College is currently a wasted potential.

Both north and south of the bridge, there is a great potential to do the same that is being done at the Hudson Rail Yards and possibly build much needed affordable housing on it with office towers on either side of the bridge.

This would fill in a gap that is heavily trafficked by both cars and pedestrians in this section of Melrose.

Furthermore, Metro North should consider a new Metro North station at 149th Street since this is where all 3 lines converge.  With the Yankee Stadium 153rd Street station now open for several years, a new station at this location would widely open up access to passengers from the Harlem and New Haven lines heading to the games by simply transferring at 149th Street and going back up one stop with a special shuttle train to the stadium station.

A new Metro North station at this site would open up easy access to the area residents to their places of employment downtown and up north to Westchester County and Connecticut.

What are your thoughts?

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