Bronx Baron Ambrosia Of Bronx Flavor Wins A New York Emmy – Borough Beaming With Pride!


Our borough’s very own culinary ambassador, Baron Ambrosia – a latino of Dominican roots, won a New York Emmy yesterday for Best On-Camera Talent: Performer/Narrator for his show hit show on BronxNet, Bronx Flavor.

The Baron has been gracing us with his antics since January 2007 in his wildly popular culinary podcast, The Underbelly which was subsequently picked up by BronxNet executive producer Michael Max Knobbe and rebranded as Bronx Flavor. Through his colorful yet knowledgeable exploration of the borough’s richly diverse ethnic neighborhoods, Justin Fornal, aka Baron Ambrosia, has taught us about cultural delicacies typically unheard of outside of their countries of origin let alone on dinner plates in these off the beaten path restaurants in the Bronx.

On his win, the Baron had this to say on his Facebook page:

“[Bronx Baron Ambrosia]…is thrilled to win a New York Emmy for Bronx Flavor on BronxNet Television. Victory is a decision. No matter how hard your circumstances might be, when you are working two jobs to barely pay your rent and your phone is disconnected, true victory lies in the decision to never stop doing what makes you feel alive. In these moments when conventional success seems a complete impossibility, look around and see who is still standing beside you. These are the people who truly love you. These are the samurais who love the challenge of battle, and not just the spoils of victory. When other networks looked at me with confusion or fear, BronxNet Television gave me a time slot, a budget, and creative license. What we lacked in resources and funding we made up for with hard work and passion. Thank you to everyone in the beautiful Bronx and beyond for supporting me. The dream can be adapted but it will never be compromised! ”

As you may recall, we have had the distinct honor and privilege of being a part of several of Baron Ambrosia’s shows and antics including an evening at the Old Bronx Courthouse where we feasted on such delectable delights as squirrel, raccoon, and silkworms (I stopped at the waterbugs!).

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Baron as well as everyone after BronxNet who continues to portray the Bronx in a positive light where so many other networks have failed. Baron Ambrosia, you truly are our ambassador and we are proud to call you one of our own.

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