Chase and Living Social are gearing up to dole out 12 grants of $250,000 to 12 winning small businesses and the Bronx definitely has its share of entrants but these two specific organizations definitely deserve a chance at this grant. Being Latino and from The Bronx are two businesses that have taken over their respective categories on Facebook and collectively have almost 200,000 followers on the social networking site. Most importantly, they are businesses started by very passionate and young Bronxites who are out on a mission to work hard in shedding stereotypes of the past and providing opportunities for a better future.


Straight from Being Latino, the company is described as:


“…a communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. Our aim is to break down barriers and foster unity and empowerment through informative, thought-provoking dialogue and exchanging of ideas. Being Latino seeks to give a unified voice to the multitude of communities that identify with the multidimensional culture that is Latino.”

Being Latino has done more to unite Latinos from all walks of life and nationalities than any other organization of its kind in recent years. They have become that bridge and place where they can mingle with cultures that they normally wouldn’t interact with, learning about each other and tearing down stereotypes along the way. That same journey has given latinos a stronger and more unified voice in this age of social networking through successful partnerships with other like minded organizations. Through their writers, articles and videos they keep the community informed on issues important to latinos and even have instilled a sense of social responsibility to their followers by organizing fundraisers, days of service and overall charity.
Out of the Bronx from one individual, the organization has blossomed into an international phenomenon with dozens of contributers and thousands of conversations amongst followers.


The other Bronx based organization you are most likely more familiar with is from The Bronx that was started with a similar mission as welcome2thebronx and welcome2melrose which is a strong sense of pride of our borough and battling to end the negative and outdated stereotypes linked to the Bronx.
The amount of positive spotlight these young Bronxites have shined on the Bronx is invaluable. Through many collaborations they bring on a daily basis to over 100,000 followers news that otherwise wouldn’t be mentioned by mainstream media. From The Bronx is a strong supporter of local Bronx based businesses and artists and are ever-promoting them. It is this positive reinforcement and support that traditionally is lacking in communities like the Bronx and they have helped unite residents past and present and those who love our borough on Facebook and in real time.
So please, take the short time it will cost you to vote for these two Bronx organizations. It will take all of 60 seconds to vote for both! All you have to do is go to: and login using Facebook or however you want and search for Being Latino and from The Bronx and vote!

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