Will A Bronxite Bring Down Stop And Frisk?

Cab driver randomly stopped in the Bronx.

The battle against Stop and Frisk is in the courts with a Bronxite at the center of trial. David Floyd, a 33 year old black male from the Bronx is the named plaintiff in the lawsuit and is taking the stand for thousands – including the thousands of blacks and Latinos who have disproportionately been negatively impacted by this unconstitutional practice.

It is important to never forget that this is but one component of a broken system and failed culture that needs to be fixed. Gone our the days of the NYPD being that neighborhood cop everyone knew and because of the bad seeds and bad practices, they have been replaced with images of people in uniform that we should fear and not trust.

Practices like Stop and Frisk are the complete opposite of a police force defending our rights and instead just violate them.

Let us hope for a positive outcome during this trial.

Man At Center Of Stop And Frisk Trial Takes The Stand – http://huff.to/11bMg8z

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