Bronx Borough President More Concerned Over Riverdale’s Views Than The Health of South Bronx Residents


Money talks.

Riverdale, one of the great neighborhoods that make up the Bronx lies perched up high overlooking the Hudson River and the rest of the Bronx. It is also one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the outer boroughs.

LG Electronics is planning to build its new headquarters, a 143 foot tower, in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Yup, you read that right NEW JERSEY. The pristine views of the Palisades that Manhattan and the Bronx enjoy are threatened so Ruben Diaz, Jr, the Bronx Borough President, has decided to step in and join his Manhattan counterpart, Scott Stringer, in sending a letter to New Jersey governor Chris Christie to stop the headquarters from being constructed.

Apparently views are far more important than the health of thousands of disenfranchised residents of the South Bronx who are threatened by FreshDirect wanting to relocate on our waterfront and adding thousands of truck trips through our residential streets in a neighborhood that is plagued by asthma. A move that our Borough President fully endorses and supports financially.

Folks, it is pretty evident here that Ruben Diaz, Jr is part of the problem in our Borough and its ills. Rather than help the disenfranchised, he goes where the money flows. It’s not to say that Riverdale should be ignored. Far from it for they are an integral part of our community as are the rest of our wonderful patchwork of neighborhoods but how does one choose to endorse an environmentally unsound plan for the South Bronx yet go to battle over a building across the river and in another state that will have ZERO environmental impact on our borough?

This is yet another entry showing how we all live in a Tale of Two Cities.

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