URGENT – FreshDirect Returns to CB1 This Wednesday


In another victory for the community against the FreshDirect sweetheart deal move to the Bronx, CB1 will reconvene this Wednesday as FreshDirect representatives return to answer to the board – something which they were undemocratically prevented from doing almost two weeks ago.

Although the full board was not to meet until September and several senior board members preferred a closed and private executive members only meeting to discuss the issues – without FreshDirect present – this is a clear message to FreshDirect, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr and the rest of the city, that this is a done deal. At the last meeting, not one single resident of the district showed up in favor yet dozens and dozens showed up against the move.


URGENT – FreshDirect Returns to CB1 This Wednesday
When: Wednesday, July 10, 5:30 pm
Where: Community Board 1 Office – 3024 3rd Avenue, Bronx

We need everyone to come out to the CB1 office this Wednesday, July 10, at 5:30 pm, to show FreshDirect that the community REJECTS their request for a land use plan modification to build a 500,000+ square foot warehouse/parking lot on our waterfront that will bring 1,000 more diesel trucks every day through our asthma-saturated community.  Wear your “STOP FRESHDIRECT” T-shirt, or email us if you didn’t get one last time.

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The community board is being reassembled this Wednesday to address and provide comments to the City Planning Commission on the narrow issue of whether FreshDirect should be allowed to have a land use modification in light of a restrictive covenant placed on the land they propose to occupy.  

City approval of FreshDirect’s proposed land use modification depends upon a finding that the proposed changes will:

(1) Not cause “overutilization of adjacent street systems”;

FreshDirect violates this requirement. Fresh Direct will cause overuse of already congested local roads and bridges: Despite their self-serving traffic analysis that treated their large diesel trucks as if they were cars, considerable concerns persist as to the impact Fresh Direct’s 2,000 daily truck and vehicle trips will have on local traffic and traffic inside the Yard (not to mention the air pollution).

(2) Not result in excess bulk and density on any portion of the Yard;

FreshDirect violates this requirement. Fresh Direct will result in excess bulk and density: Fresh Direct would occupy twice the acreage (13 acres) and building square footage (a 500,547 s/f warehouse) of the originally designated Wholesale Flower Market (5-7 acres). To make matters worse, the Yard is in a flood zone. With the certainty that additional and more extreme flooding will occur at increasing rates, such development (including its underground parking and refueling station) is ill-advised and dangerous.

(3) Not conflict with the project objectives of reducing local and regional truck traffic by importing goods into the City via rail while providing economic development benefits to the South Bronx and the City.

FreshDirect violates this requirement. Fresh Direct conflicts with the public objectives established for the Yard. Since it prevents operation of the intermodal terminal, will intensify congestion on local roads, and fails to offer living-wage jobs, Fresh Direct fundamentally conflicts with the City’s and State’s public objectives for this state-owned land.

(4) Not materially interfere with the operation of the intermodal terminal;

FreshDirect violates this requirement. Unlike the originally-planned Wholesale Flower Market, Fresh Direct plans to locate a truck parking lot entirely within the 28 acres reserved and zoned solely for the intermodal terminal. Fresh Direct’s traffic, including its need to access the Yard through Alexander Ave., would prevent the operation of the intermodal terminal. 

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