Today a Bronxite found a message of hate in the 34th Street, Penn Station stop on the 1,2, and 3 subway lines which at a glance appears to be fallout from the Zimmerman trial verdict announced this past Saturday.

The message appears on a subway ad and says:


“Black people George Zimmerman is Fucking Puerto Rican. He changed his name to be accepted by white people. Black people, don’t trust Puerto Ricans they are our enemy.”

Ironically the message was scrawled on an ad asking, “Do you see something crooked in NYC?” for the New York City Department of Investigation’s crackdown on corruption in the city.

This is precisely the type of ignorance we have to combat and not give into in the wake of the verdict. We need to, now more than ever, strengthen our ties for ultimately it is about all of us.

Have you seen this message? How did it make you feel when you saw it?

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