Since the founding of our borough, the Bronx has been home to many races and ethnicities from across the globe.

As the centuries progressed and changed, so did the locations across the world that sent their huddled masses to us. We are one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the city and ProjectBronx is here today with a newly released video discussing race and ethnic relations amongst Bronxites.

You’ll hear very interesting insights and responses from our residents and some rather comedic ones as well.

Can you tell where someone’s from? How about identifying an Albanian vs Italian? Jamaican vs Trinidadian? Puerto Rican and Dominican?

See how our own rainbow tapestry of residents answer these questions and more!

Via ProjectBronx:

Click above or watch it here.

Published on Jul 17, 2013
We have many misconceptions about race or ethnicity and often times we are too afraid to even bring it up in public! However, a healthy conversation about race and ethnicity can actually teach us that we are all very similar and share the same dreams, struggles and ambitions!

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