The Bronx to Brooklyn Via…Queens?


A couple of weeks ago a debate began on my Facebook page regarding the old CSX lines in the Bronx which are no longer in use and many individuals indicated that they’d like to see them put to use for a triboro train to connect the outer boroughs without Manhattan.

Now the Gothamist has written a thorough piece on this very issue that was  discussed on my page.

This idea has been floated for decades but either the money hasn’t been there or enough brass at the MTA with vision to push for such a project.

Look at what the 7 train extension to the  Jacob Javitz Convention Center is already doing to the neighborhood, adding millions of square feet in mixed development.

Not that any development in that scale will happen in the outer boroughs but development nevertheless.

Such a transit line will open new employment opportunities for millions as commuting times will be cut drastically. As it is now, folks working and living at either end of such a line waste over an hour in just one direction.
The MTA is worried about ridership but I guess they haven’t heard of the old adage, “If you build it, they will come.”

Read what the Gothamist has to say.

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Ed García Conde

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