New York Post & City’s Government Stop and Frisk Fear Campaign Is Out of Control

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The propaganda machine is working overtime.

Ever since a judge declared a key component of stop and frisk unconstitutional and ordered the NYPD to cease and desist the controversial program, the NY Post and city officials have been working around the clock to instill fears in our hearts.

All this fear mongering that NYC will return to the horrible days of criminal activity is just baseless. How quickly we forget and immediately start believing garbage journalism such as what the NY Post churns out.

Fact: Long before stop and frisk became an official and overused tool, crime was dropping at a phenomenal rate with each year becoming safer than the last. Merely the presence of beat cops walking around their assigned neighborhoods is just as effective of a deterrent.

The very foundation of our country’s judicial system has been based on innocent until proven guilty by a jury of one’s peers. Stop and frisk assumed guilt only to come up overwhelmingly empty-handed in almost all recorded stops.

A police officer’s time should be directed towards community building and engaging our citizens in a positive.

This is purely speculation of course but have you ever wondered how many crimes perhaps were committed because of stop and frisk? Why do I ask this?

Well it’s quite simple.

Say there are 2 or 3 cops walking a beat and they stop someone because he “looks” suspicious. Now you have these officers essentially offline as they are questioning this innocent suspect when instead they can be walking their districts.

A couple of blocks away, an actual crime is being committed; vandalism, a mugging, breaking into a car, or worse yet – a shooting. All of which had a greater potential of being prevented had these officers been  walking their beat.

Again, that is all merely speculation but remains food for thought. After all, stop and frisk is based on speculation and racial profiling.

Can we all agree to stop the panicking and listening to fear mongering journalism like the NY Post?

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Ed García Conde

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