The Joy of Painting, Bronx Style? Beloved Artist, Daniel Hauben Gets His Own Show

Born and raised in the Bronx, Daniel Hauben has painted some of the most wonderful works of art depicting our beloved borough.

His paintings grace the new library at Bronx Community College and now the artist will have his own show starting this weekend on BronxNet.

The Daily News says:

“It’s not PBS, but the Boogie Down now has its own homespun artiste to preach the joy of painting happy little landscapes.

Daniel Hauben is making painting accessible through his new BronxNet television show, “Art and About with Danny Hauben.”

But instead of painting birches and clouds and clean mountain streams, Hauben, 57, is depicting the gritty urban landscapes that are native to the borough.

“For me, it’s the whole immersion in the urban craziness that is the subject,” Hauben said. “It really appeals to people, and is really not that common.”

As the shows become available, we’ll be posting them here for your viewing pleasure in case you miss them!

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