Bronx Politics: State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie?

By Rob Giuffre, October 1, 2013 4:53PM Updated October 2nd, 2013 11:56AM


As Shelly Silver is approaching what looks like *might* be the end of his decades long reign as State Assembly Speaker, insiders are speculating about who might emerge as his replacement.

Bronx Assemblyman and Bronx Democratic Party County Chairman Carl Heastie has been floated as a possible heir apparent.   Let me be clear, this is complete speculation and hearsay.

When asked, Carl’s spokesman Patrick Jenkins adamantly denied anything other than complete and total devotion to Speaker Sheldon Silver, to the point where it was almost creepy.

Of course this is a smart public stance to take.  Silver is known as a bulldog and anything short of total support from his members is met with swift fury – just ask Michael Bragman.  “Who’s that?” you may be asking.  Exactly.  He’s the last person to organize a coup against Silver 13 years ago in May 2000.  His political career was ended by Silver shortly after the coup failed.

It is sort of awe-inspiring the loyalty Speaker Silver demands and receives – even during his most vulnerable moments.  Even the Chair of the Bronx Democratic Party, a pretty powerful position in its own right, responded with what amount to, “What are you out of your mind?” (not a direct quote, but pretty much what was said) when asked if he was even interested in the position. 


That said, of course Heastie is interested.  There is a lack of minority state-wide leadership.  Heastie has to be one of the first five names on the short list of members who could take over the speakership.

Personal issues with Heastie put aside, it would be awesome for The Bronx if that happened.  And I dare say that he might actually be a decent speaker.

Also, you should check out his interview on Gary’s show.

Let’s say, it was interesting.   Carl seemed almost belligerent and paranoid at some points.  At other points, he seemed open minded and searching for respect from the intelligentsia crowd – sort of like how a mainstream movie director secretly hopes the hipsters like their films.

I also sort of noticed that Carl sort of looks like Dr. Dre.  No?  


The Board of Elections officially certified the final results in the 86th Assembly District, naming Victor Pichardo the…um…victor.  

A lawsuit has reportedly been filed by second place finisher, Hector Ramirez, against Pichardo, the Board of Elections, Carl Heastie and Gustavo Rivera.
Who knows what will happen with this, but it seems pretty clear that the powers that be at both the Board of Elections and Heastie’s and Rivera’s clans wants this to go away immediately.


Speaking of the 86th district, it looks like Bronx Party executive director, Ischia Bravo, “unfriended” third place finisher Haile Rivera from the Bronx County Committee’s facebook group.  

I guess she had enough of him pressing the issue of voter fraud on the page, which aligns well with the theory above: the powers that be want this to go away. 
I better tread lightly before I find myself in the unfriended zone too.   Ischia, I always knew you got off on the power, but I never expected the Fidel treatment!   Please don’t unfriend me.   


Last week I promised I’d do a vote count…let’s just say, eh,  Speaker Vacca, not happening. 


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