Forget FreshDirect, The South Bronx Mobile Market Is Coming!

Last year you may remember that we wrote about Bronxite and Hunts Point resident Tanya Fields and her quest to bring access to healthy food to folks in the South Bronx.

Well now after necessary fundraising and support, the South Bronx Mobile Market Is a reality!

Starting this month on Tuesday, January 28th, the mobile market will be delivering its first boxes of mostly locally grown produce, herbs, and much more!

You can pick up your produce from this wonderful converted school bus that runs on, you guessed it, vegetable oil!

A bulk of the produce and herbs are being grown right here in the South Bronx by Sky Vegetables, a rooftop farm enclosed in a greenhouse atop Arbor House —a new eco friendly and green development.

This type of sustainable operation is what we should be funding instead of giving out hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations, like FreshDirect, who don’t need the money to fund their projects which would pollute our roadways and destroy our waterfront.

Sky Vegetables sits atop Arbor House / Images from Sky Vegetables Facebook page

Fields also recently won the right to use a city owned lot in Hunts Point which will be used as Libertad Urban Farm so pretty soon we’ll also be able to enjoy even more locally grown food!

Fresh kale grown right in the South Bronx at Sky Vegetables!

Below is all the information on the South Bronx Mobile Market, straight from BLK Projek, and how you can join:


The South Bronx Mobile Market is now registering members for our buying club. For $30 a week you will receive:

4-6 mostly local items of produce (ex. kale, squash, potatoes, lettuce and some non-local items such as plantains and avocado)

Two locally grown herbs (ex. cilantro, basil, parsley, mint)

One pound of beans each week (type of beans will vary weekly, according to Tanya)

One pound of rice each week
Milk and Eggs (alternating each week between the two)

One or two value added products based on pricing and availability (ex. sauces, crackers, bread, various oils)


A food buying club is one way people can buy food as a group and save money. By pooling our money together we can buy food in bulk/wholesale at lower prices but generally fresher and better quality. It often doesn’t include pretty packaging but gives community a chance to realize its buying power, get food not readily available elsewhere in the community and to bring members together to build community.


Currently we have one confirmed site in the South Bronx. We hope to add an additional site in Mott Haven in the coming weeks and will actively work with other groups in the Bronx to create pickup sites.

Pickup Location: The Point – 940 Garrison Ave ( conveniently located on the 6 line at the Hunts Point Ave stop. A mere 10 minutes from 125th street)

Pickup Day: Tuesdays

Pickup Time: 12-7pm

Note: Our first pickup day is Tuesday, January 28th, 2013

The South Bronx Mobile Market takes debit/credit cards, SNAP/EBT, cash and PayPal

You can register using your debit or credit card using our online portal. If you want to register using cash or your SNAP/EBT card please give us a call at 718.635.0951

Please note: Payments must be made by the Wednesday before the scheduled pick up date in order to be included in the next delivery date. For example in order to be included in the Tuesday, January 28th date you must register with payment by Wednesday, January 22nd.


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