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Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda hosted the first meeting of the Roselyn Johnson Democratic Club today, with an impressive turnout.  The assemblyman stated that everyone in the room was a democrat who had voted in the last four elections and all but promised everyone present Election Day jobs. 

Many Bronx elected officials made it out to the club’s grand opening: Senator Jeff Klein, Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., Assemblyman and Party Chairman Carl Heastie, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Councilmember Fernando Cabrera and Councilmember Annabel Palma.

About 175 “regular” people were also in attendance, most of whom seemed very excited about pizza and coffee.

Some highlights:

—Senator Klein said he is unsure if State and Federal primaries will both be held in June, rather than Federal in June and State in the usual September; Klein said “it makes sense to combine the two and hold both in June.”

—Senator Diaz was impressed with the club and had no problem calling it “the biggest Democratic club in the Bronx.” 

—Assemblyman Sepulveda openly mentioned the possibility of Councilman Cabrera running for another office. This had to be in reference to rumors about a possible challenge to Senator Gustavo Rivera, who was noticeably absent.  Cabrera mentioned nothing about it when it was his turn to speek and came off very measured and diplomatic.

—Barbara Rivera (I think that is her name,  but I could not hear over the crowd who reminded this school teacher of a typical middle school classroom) will be the new Bronx Civil Court Judge if the Roselyn Johnson Democratic Club and the Bronx Democratic Party have their way.  She was already endorsed by both.

It looks like Sepulveda and District Leader William Rivera did their due diligence and sent invitations to triple prime democrats using public voter file information.

All and all, it would be a fair statement to say the Roselyn Democratic club had an impressive turnout. Just how engaged and active the “regular” people will be in a few months when election season heats up is yet to be seen. 

State Senator Jeff Klein


Assemblyman and Party Chairman Carl Heastie


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