Murders & Shootings Drop Precipitously Since De Blasio Took Office Despite Fear Mongering From Critics of A Return To The Dark Years In NYC


Mayor de Blasio has announced lower crime and homicide rates since he has taken office.

According to data obtained by the Daily News, murders have dropped a whopping 21% from January 1st to March 9th of this year when compared to the same period last year. Shootings also dropped 14% along with overall crime by 2% during this same time period INCLUDING an historic 10 day murder-free span in February — the longest period ever on record.

You may recall how so many critics of any attempt to end stop and frisk and Mayor De Blasio predicted that the city would plunge into chaos but the if the first 10 weeks are any indication of the remainder of the year then it looks like we’ll continue to see historic drops in murders.

Bratton did mention that the cold probably had something to do with it too so ultimately we won’t know until the year continues to progress. According to the Daily News:

Although De Blasio credited the “spirit of collaboration” that Bratton brought to the department, the top cop said the frigid weather might have kept crooks at home.

“Jack Frost is the best friend of a police officer,” he said.

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