The Bronx Is Blooming In Melrose Community Gardens


One of the things I love about living in Melrose, besides its convenient location to Manhattan as well as a small town feel in what is considered the borough’s downtown area, is the plethora of community gardens.

Although we don’t have much as far as parks go in Melrose proper (that’s another story that we’ll expand upon shortly), we have approximately a whopping 17 community gardens (by my count at least, could be more).

Each garden in the neighborhood has its own vibe and feel but most of all they’re open to the public and the folks are friendly and welcoming.  All gardens have boxes which you can grow your own greens and veggies.  Many have the traditional wooden ‘casitas‘ or little houses constructed of wood which are replicas of the shacks that once dotted Puerto Rico in decades past as the standard home of folks on the island.

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