150 Tech Jobs Coming to The Bronx In A First Of Its Kind Center


Software consulting company, Doran Jones has teamed up with Per Scholas, a non profit what specializes in training underemployed individuals in high tech industries for free.
Together they will be construcing a new facility at 804 E 138th Street in Port Morris just off the Cypress Avenue station on the 6 train.

Once completed, the facility will be home to 150 tech jobs with wages totalling $5 million in just the first year of operation according to a press release issued by the company.

The press release also said:

“… Per Scholas will train the testers through its 8-week software testing education program (STEP), and the majority of its graduates will go directly to work in the UDC occupied and operated by Doran Jones in the same building. Construction begins this summer.

Industry trends in software testing have created an opportunity to meet growing labor demands, improve quality, reduce overseas costs, and reshore jobs to the U.S. The UDC model establishes and concentrates high-technology infrastructure, resources, and jobs in low-income urban neighborhoods as a conscious economic development strategy.

“I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to work with Per Scholas, and I believe we are about to embark on a genuinely transformative project for both the software testing industry and our local community,” said Keith Klain, COO of Doran Jones. “There is a huge quality gap in the software testing market. This solution provides a talent pipeline to that problem and makes meaningful contributions to our local community, our clients, Per Scholas and, most significantly, the graduates of the training program. This is a blueprint for true Corporate Social Responsibility programs and further emphasizes Doran Jones’s core value of investment in our people.”

Welcome2TheBronx strongly believe these are the jobs we should be focusing on and bringing to the Bronx — jobs that will make a real economic impact in our neighborhood without the environmental cost that FreshDirect would cause with its low-wage jobs that perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

This is big news we should be celebrating in the nation’s poorest congressional district and the Bronx. These are the types of training and jobs that will help combat poverty and unemployment in our borough.

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