9 Year Old Bronx Actor, Jorge Vega, In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’


Variety just published this adorable article about a 9 year old Bronxite who has a part in the new ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ movie.

From Variety:

At last week’s New York premiere of Sony Pictures’ “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” one of the only actors from the film gracious enough to speak to print journalists was 9-year-old Jorge Vega. Jorge plays Jorge, a kid rescued early on in the movie by our web-slinging hero only to return for a pivotal scene. The Bronx-raised fourth grader talked to Variety about making his debut in the motion-picture business.

You and your character share the same name.
I’m not so sure how that worked out. But I know that it’s really sweet.

Tell me about the part.
My character gets bullied and Spider-Man comes to help me, and Spider-Man, aside from being a hero, he’s a great friend.

Read the reason of the cute interview at variety: http://variety.com/2014/film/news/spider-man-andrew-garfield-bullied-kid-1201169506/

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