Bronx Burning: A Documentary By Edwin Pagán

©Edwin Pagan / Bronx Burning
©Edwin Pagan / Bronx Burning

Edwin Pagán, a “New York-based filmmaker, Photographer, cinematographer, screenwriter and cultural activist,” will begin filming Bronx Burning this June and is seeking individuals who lived those terrible years of our borough and have any personal, unique, or little known stories they’d like to share.  

According to the film’s Facebook page:

“Bronx Burning tells the story of the tragic events and misguided policies that almost led to the complete destruction of a major U.S. city and the residents who decided to stay and fight to re-claim their neighborhoods and brought them back from the ashes of neglect, economic opportunism and political indifference.

Bronx Burning recounts one of the most concentrated and widespread cases of arson in modern history and explores the reasons why, despite a crisis of epic proportions, those responsible for orchestrating the most rampant and longest-lasting “fire-for-hire” crime waves have never been brought to justice.

You might remember Edwin as part of the collective, Seis del Sur: Six Nuyorican Photographers who’s exhibit at the Bronx Documentary Center was a major hit and a home coming of sorts for many. The exhibit focused on those very years we experienced through the eyes of these 6 photographers who lived it and documented the events.

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