Lincoln Hospital’s Emergency Room May Be New York City’s Busiest |NYTimes

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From the New York Times:

“The woman, in the midst of a seizure, moaned from a row of stretchers parked in the hallway of the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx.

“Everything’s full,” a doctor called out.

That was when Dr. Fernando Jara stepped in. Ducking into one room after another, he scanned medical charts until he found a patient who had been seen only moments before. “We’re going to move him,” he said. “We’re going to bring that other patient in here.”

Dr. Jara has become an expert at juggling patients while running what may be the single busiest emergency room in New York City. As chairman of the emergency medicine department at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, he and his staff handled a staggering 173,000 visits in 2013, from patients who showed up with everything including gunshot wounds and chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and hypertension. Many of them had no health insurance, no access to regular checkups and nowhere else to turn.”

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