What is New York’s best borough? Today: the case for the Bronx Via Time Out New York

Precious, Penelope the cat, and of course her hero, Baron Ambrosia
Precious, Penelope the cat, and of course her hero, Baron Ambrosia

Time Out New York makes the case for The Bronx as the best borough and one of the reasons given is our exclusive story which you heard here first and that was Baron Ambrosia rescuing the poor pussy from the tree!

Check out the other reasons why they think we’re awesome:

From Time Out New York:

In today’s round of the Battle of the Boroughs, we present five reasons the Bronx kicks ass

In the current issue of Time Out New York, it’s a Battle of the Boroughs: Natives and longtime residents square off to explain why their home turf is superior to all others. This week, we’re spotlighting one borough per day online. Read on to see whether our arguments for Bronx dominance sway you or whether they only bolster your other-borough pride. 

Heard of hip-hop? Started here. Grandmaster Melle Mel, DJ Kool Herc, Grand Wizzard….

NYC’s actual Little Italy is much farther north than most people think. Buy some fresh mozzarella and cannoli on Arthur Avenue to see what we mean. 

The 28-acre, bucolic Wave Hill is the best daycation in town.

Just a couple weeks ago, the borough’s culinary ambassador, Baron Ambrosia, scaled a tree five stories high to save a stranded kitten. “I don’t care if the tree’s 200 feet high and on fire,” he said. “If you want me to get the pussy out of the tree, I’m gonna get the pussy out of the tree.” Dude has a way with works.  

The Bronx Museum of the Arts’ First Friday shindigs are fun and culturally fulfilling, with everything from dance performances to Afro-Cuban films.   


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