Piraña’s Food Truck In The South Bronx Listed As Gothamist’s 10 Best Food Trucks In NYC!

Located on 152nd Street and Wales Avenue just beyond Melrose and Mott Haven you will find Piraña’s delightful truck.  For years my friends and I have frequented this place and it definitely one of our favorites so we’re surprised that Gothamist actually even included a Bronx food truck!

Here’s what they had to say:

Via Foursquare
Via Foursquare

LECHONERA LA PIRAÑA: As the name suggests, this Mott Haven food truck serves some fierce lechon asado, a Puerto Rican-style roast suckling pig dish. Proprietor and chef Angel only blesses The Bronx with this dish on Saturdays and Sundays, but when he does, it makes for a sumptuous $8 feast—he slices the slow-roasted pork with a machete and sticks the dry-rubbed meat, skin still intact, on a bed of rice and peas. Pork aside, you can sample Angel’s pastelillos, or fried empanadas, along with some super-cheap alcapurrias, plantain-based dumplings stuffed with meats.

Lechonera La Piraña is located at East 152nd St. near Wales Ave in The Bronx on Saturdays and Sundays.

Read the rest over on Gothamist: The 10 Best Food Trucks in NYC

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