Bronx Street Art Tour This Sunday By MCNY Tours & TAG Public Arts Project


Take a Bronx Street Art Tour and visit the latest TAG Public Arts Project outdoor murals. This special Tour grants visitors an insider’s view of the sites and details of the artist, The process used and country of origin. We share the history and community/business that serves as a backdrop for this unique art form.
Tour the finest TAG Public Arts Project murals, A street gallery of artists from around the world.

Tickets: $40.00 per person – To make a reservation via email:

About TAG:

Based in The Bronx, SinXero (SX) is the Founder & Creative Director of “TAG Public Arts Project. TAG specializes in maximizing the exposure of artists it represents by showcasing their Fine Upscale Urban Art in gallery, non-gallery spaces and urban communities that embrace TAG’s concept of live art productions for installation in legal public spaces. TAG’s vision is to encourage fine artists to work together while “Enhancing The Visual Landscape of Urban Communities with art.” Endorsed by The Bronx Council on The Arts, Brooklyn Street Art, Street Art NYC, Art & Fashion Salon, as well as, XCIA.

About MCNY Tours:

Our goal at MCNY Tours is to collaborate in partnership with Bronx Small Business, Cultural Houses, Historical Landmarks to promote team building positive results, providing unique products & customized personal services, our mission is to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations, to help improve and boost our Borough’s image and outdated past perceptions, we are determined in keeping our Company’s philosophy, strong business objectives of always maintaining respect, reliability, integrity, fairness and trustworthiness for our Clients.

Our company MCNY Tours was established in June 2011 and the concept of the Bronx Historical Tours ® was created after working various years in the Marketing, Hospitality, Advertising and Retail industries, I put my diversified business experience to good use. It took long extensive hours of planning to get the new concept on the road. I felt in order to get some experience in Business and attempting to stay afloat I started selling Tee-Shirts on-line and street fairs breaking into the Business world, we prepared the extensive Times Square and Grand Central Terminal Marketing campaign and Social Media strategy to introduce our Neighborhood Tours into the marketplace. It took a lot of hard work and we faced unforeseen challenges but in the long run with our finish product as we help support our local Bronx Businesses and Historical Landmarks I realized it was all worthwhile, we are reinforcing to improve our image worldwide, build important business partnerships, also promoting in bringing positive awareness to our Borough.

I sensed there was an immediate urgency and need to show our Borough to those who had a misleading and unfair opinion of us. I’m very grateful for being able to accomplish this great Historical Tour and being able to show the Bronx
through my eyes and personal experiences. I find great intellectual gratification in meeting people from all over the world, including locals, It’s amazing to learn about their unique stories, triumphs, hardships and backgrounds, after every Tour I realize one thing: We all have something in common with our Guests; their own personal version of a Bronx Tale in a completely different part of the world.

I’m a Bronx native grew up near Yankee Stadium, then Edgar Allan Poe Cottage and spent the greatest part of my life near Woodlawn Cemetery, This unique trajectory connects me to all the places and it holds a very special place to my
heart, I’m extremely proud of our Borough we have come a long way from where we were as individuals and our families and neighbors came to this Borough as Immigrants to find the American dream, we respect these families for their
modesty, integrity, strong spirit, contributions and hard work.

This special place is very important for us, my family and our friends, we have Bronx natives who are life long residents call the Bronx their home, some of the past perceptions needed to change and that is why we are re-educating our
Tourists and Locals through our Tours of how much this Borough means to us and for those who have faced loss or destruction from the past negative environments. We can connect you to see a different side of the Borough and learning about our important History in time. We want to place the Bronx back on the map as a unique extension of New York City where creativity, talent and hard work was born and bred with perseverance as some Bronxites went on to become exceptional productive members of society.

Our Bronx people are very proud individuals and will continue to strive to improve, stabilize our social economic fabric and continue to chase the American dream. We are fulfilling those unique talents through your support of our Borough’s Small Business, Literature, National Landmarks, Music, Arts and Culture. We are grateful for taking the time to visit and show support on the return of our Beautiful Bronx movement, Our talented team and local business partners appreciate your loyalty and patronage.

Thank you – Bronx Historical Tours


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Ed García Conde

Ed García Conde is a life-long Bronxite who spends his time documenting the people, places, and things that make the borough a special place in the hopes of dispelling the negative stereotypes associated with The Bronx. His writings are often cited by mainstream media and is often consulted for his expertise on the borough's rich history.