News 12 The Bronx Anchor, Matt Pieper, Makes Serious Blunder On Air

Matt Pieper, who’s been at News 12 The Bronx since 2008, made a serious on the air blunder yesterday making comments that many found offensive while he thought he was off the air.

Pieper said to reporter, Amy Yensi, “David wants you to also mention that parents do their [expletive] jobs and walk their little kids and not rely on everyone else kind of like people rely on government assistance for their entire lives, bye Felicia.” Then he said he, “added that part of government assistance but it’s true. Then Amy Yensi proceeds to say, “Hashtag EBT!”
It’s extremely disheartening to hear such comments come from the mouth of a journalist who represents a borough where many people are economically depressed and are on public assistance.  Is this what he thinks about the very people he’s serving in a journalistic capacity? I’m all for free speech (this is quite obvious if you’ve been reading Welcome2TheBronx and Welcome2Melrose these past 5 years) but shouldn’t you use a bit of restraint in the workplace ESPECIALLY if you’re being recorded and on TV?

Shortly after the incident, News 12 issued this apology on Facebook.
Shortly after the incident, News 12 issued this apology on Facebook.

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