20 Year Old German Techno Party, Time Warp, Coming to The US For The 1st Time – In The Bronx

The Kingsbridge Armory will be home to a huge 2-day German techno fest called Time Warp and plans to transform the space for the event.
The Kingsbridge Armory will be home to a huge 2-day German techno fest called Time Warp and plans to transform the space for the event.

And then there was techno. Get ready to rave!

Germany’s yearly mega techno party, Time Warp, is coming to the United States for the first time in its 20 year history — and the 2 day event will be held at the Kingsbridge Armory on November 28 and 29th in The Bronx.

According to ilovefreetickets.com, the event was originally scheduled to be a one day event but due to popular demand, and a complete sell-out of early-bird ticket sales, a second day was added.  Time-Warp describes the massive Kingsbridge Armory as the perfect underground/warehouse type of place for such an event (Did you know that it’s considered to be the largest armory on the planet?)

ilovefreetickets.com writes:

The 20th anniversary tour of Time Warp is bringing its first show to New York at the historic Kingsbridge Armory in The Bronx this Thanksgiving weekend. This NYC landmark will house legendary global techno talent for the first time in this historic and architecturally stunning venue for a completely immersive experience.

Due to popular demand, Time Warp has added a second night for a two-day techno affair on November 28 and 29, to host even more of the world’s top underground techno artists. Early bird tickets have already sold out in record time. You can view the trailer to the event here.

The search for the perfect venue began with a mission to find a unique, large-scale warehouse and non-commercial space to house the underground aesthetics of techno to live and breathe. After searching New York City from top to bottom, The Kingsbridge Armory was discovered and chosen to be converted into the ultimate techno haven. Built in the 1910s, it housed the National Guard’s Eighth Coastal Artillery Regiment unit and has been used over the years for exhibitions, boxing matches, and a set for Will Smith’s dystopian future film ‘I Am Legend.’ The structure contains a 180,000-square-foot main hall with 100-foot ceilings, which will host parts of the stunning and innovative production that has become Time Warp’s signature and also allow the flexibility to create an exclusive event space for this techno spectacular.


So, Bronxites, what do you think about this huge techno fest about to descend on our borough?  I know many Bronxites who follow the genre and would love to be a part of this event, how about you?  Thanks to Linda Ortiz for the heads up yesterday!


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