Yellowstone National Park Bison Possibly Coming To The Bronx Zoo

Image Credit: Creative Commons / Wikipedia

The Bronx Zoo may be getting a few Yellowstone National Park bison as a result of a 10 year program to create genetically pure herds.

The Bronx-based Wild Life Conservation Society at The Bronx Zoo is leading the consortium deciding where the 145 bisons, currently on media maven and philanthropist Ted Turner’s Ranch, will end up.

According to the Associated Press, The animals that would be sent to the zoos would be to create nucleus herds in order to provide for future conservation efforts.

The 145 Yellowstone bison would be distributed as follows:

-75 would go to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana
-35 to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma
-30 would go to Utah’s Division of Wildlife

The remaining 10 would go to The Bronx Zoo, Queens Zoo and a zoo in Ohio.

Great things are happening in The Bronx and its wonderful to know that our borough is at the forefront and home to such a wonderful organization and worldwide leader in conservation since 1895.

And as Bronxite, Isaac Moore reminded us, The Bronx Zoo helped save the North American Bison!




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