The Grand Concourse: Growing Signs of a Renewal –

Credit Ángel Franco/The New York Times

We all know that the Grand Concourse has gone from peak, to decay, to renewal and now an article in The New York Times talks a little bit more about what’s going on.  Although it doesn’t paint the entire picture which we’ve discussed extensively here at Welcome2TheBronx, it’s still refreshing to see a positive article on the Concourse.

In the article it says about the rebirth:

“While Mr. Auxier feels the neighborhood is poised to take off, Mr. Loyola said, “This is not going to be for hipsters. It will be more community-oriented, home-oriented.”

While some improvements, like planters, trees and lampposts installed along East 161st Street, can feel master-planned and cosmetic, other changes suggest more fundamental shifts. Once-barren lots at East 138th and East 153rd Streets have turned into farms that produce peppers, carrots and garlic, which are sold at nearby farmers markets. Theater workshops have taken place in a stylish visitor center that opened in 2012 in Poe Park, near East Kingsbridge Road. And the Andrew Freedman Home, a neo-Renaissance landmark at East 166th Street that once housed the elderly, now displays art, among other activities.

Make sure you read the full article and don’t forget to check out the slide show with beautiful photographs by Ángel Franco: The Grand Concourse: Growing Signs of a Renewal –


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