City Islanders, Friends Pack The Alehouse to Celebrate Curbed Neighborhood Cup Victory

Left to Right: Curbed Senior Editor Hana Alberts, Curbed Features Editor Sara Polsky, DJK Residential Real Estate Salesperson Teddy Montee.


From the size of the crowd at the City Island Alehouse Saturday, Feb.7th, you’d think that they were giving away free food.

Oops! …they were.

Despite the snow, ice and frigid temperatures, City Islanders and their friends came by the hundreds to eat, drink and rock and roll, all in celebration of City Island winning the 2014 Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year award, sponsored by Curbed, a prominent online magazine serving the real estate industry.

City Island won the competition after four elimination rounds for a contest that started with 16 nominated New York City neighborhoods. In the final round, City Island’s 1,135 total votes beat out Long Island City’s 989.

Free for the taking were Manhattan and New England clam chowders, as well as mussels, shrimp and more.

Brothers Paul Sciara and John Sciara from the City Island Beer Company were giving out free beer, with a choice of their classic ale or a seasonal pumpkin brew. Both have a distinctive taste that cannot be confused with any other brew.

The party was a team effort organized by City Island resident and real estate salesperson Teddy Montee of DJK Residential LLP, Alehouse owners Dan Srdoc and Amanda Betsold, and Alehouse manager Anthony Grillo.

A glimpse of the Alehouse party crowd.
A glimpse of the Alehouse party crowd.

“It was a blast,” said Curbed magazine’s Senior Editor Hana Alberts in a phone interview when she returned to her office on Monday. “It was my my first time in City Island,  but I definitely plan to come back.” She said she was impressed by the mix of younger and older generation, skilled workers and professionals, and was wowed by how “everyone knows each other.”

Curbed’s Features Editor Sara Polsky also attended the event.

The temperature rose as City Island’s own Tom Flynn played guitar and sang a set of tunes with a chorus of friends chiming in.

Much later in the evening, the headliners, the Blue Collar Band, took to the stage and blasted out a set of southern rock, blues, and just plain tight jammin’ rock and roll.

As a sequel, Montee is planning to throw a big party at his City Island home this Fall in conjunction with the scheduling of the Fall Arts & Crafts Festival sponsored by the City Island Chamber of Commerce. He said the food for that party will be catered by City Island’s Bistro SK.

Richard Jannaccio is an award-winning journalist, editor, community activist, creator and administrator of City Islanders & Friends on Facebook, and a resident of City Island, Bronx, NY.


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