WATCH: Fans Ride ‘Nostalgia Train’ To Yankee Stadium For Opening Day


Hundreds of Yankee fans arrived in The Bronx in style—not in a private limo but in a special vintage IRT subway train that pulled in at 12:15PM at 161st Street/Yankee Stadium on the uptown 4 platform.

The die-hard Yankee fans were able to board the special “Lo-V” train at Grand Central Station in Manhattan and were whisked away up north to The Bronx on a model that ran for more than 5 decades along the IRT line into the late 1960s , according to the MTA’s website.

The cushioned seats, ceiling fans, and incandescent light bulbs along with vintage signs and maps was a break from today’s tech heavy trains which, although not the most sanitary in terms of germs and bacteria, seems so sterile when compared to these beautiful, old trains.

But it doesn’t seem like this special train will bring the Yankees any luck.  As of this moment, the Yankees are losing their home opener with the Blue Jays leading The Bronx Bombers 5-1.

So much for opening with a bang.

Hundreds of Yankee fans, along with several train buffs, were able to take a special ride into The Bronx today on one of these vintage Lo-V trains for Opening Day at Yankee Stadium
An old IRT map depicting, the now defunct Third Ave El in The Bronx and several stations no longer in operation.
All aboard!
“Rivera” Avenue was just a sea of blue and white pinstripes as fans gathered at local watering holes and businesses before the 1:05PM start time for Opening Day at Yankee Stadium.

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