Bronx Fashion Week To Benefit Children in Need

Gift To Empower providing hundreds of Bronx school children with the basic necessities to start out the school year on the right path. Many families do not have enough money to purchase the bare minimum their children need.

When Flora Montes, founder and President of Bronx Fashion Week started the organization, she always said that she always meant for it to give back to the community.

This weekend, at The Old Bronx Borough Courthouse during No Longer Empty’s exhibition ‘When You Cut Into The Present The Future Leaks Out’ will be no exception.

Hosted by La Bruja, this Saturday, May 9th, the event will include poetry readings and live entertainment. A percentage of the proceeds raised during the event will go to “Gift to Empower” a 501(c)(3)  (pending) organization which has helped over 4,000 Bronx children in need in the past 10 years, particularly those living in shelters, where they receive a backpack filled with school supplies for the new school year.

This year, the organization plans on assisting at least 1,000 children. You can contribute to the cause by purchasing a ticket (for 30% discount on general admission tickets, use code MOM!) or you can make donations on the spot!

Please note: Since the 501(c)(3) status is still pending, ticket sales and contributions are currently not tax-deductible but will be retroactive once “Gift to Empower” receives its official approval–anticipated to happen in the coming months.

Disclaimer: Ed García Conde is Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at Bronx Fashion Week™ along with Welcome2TheBronx™ as one of the many community sponsors.

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