The Old Bronx Courthouse is PACKED With Events For No Longer Empty This Weekend!

No Longer Empty’s exhibition, ‘When You Cut Into The Present The Future Leaks Out’ isn’t just about the great artwork on display but it is also about the community engagement via the many programs surrounding the exhibition and this weekend will not disappoint with FIVE events!

Saturday, May 30 2015 3:30 pm – 4:40 pm

Poetic Justice, a walk by Todd Shalom (Elastic City)
3:30 p.m.

On this participatory walk, participants will respond to the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx and its abandoned courthouse through a variety of poetic prompts. Techniques from sound, movement, ritual and photography will help frame the area and perhaps each other anew. This walk holds 12 people.

Starting Location: E. 156th Street and Concourse Village West; Bronx
Ages: 16+
Duration: 70 minutes

Limited Space. Please RSVP. The 1PM performance is already BOOKED so make sure you click on RSVP if you want to attend!



Saturday, May 30 2015 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Deborah Fisher and Paul Ramirez Jonas: “Something for Nothing” Performance II

For this exhibition, Deborah Fisher and Paul Ramirez Jonas work as a collaborative team. The two artists, who have each produced participatory work in public spaces, combine their interests toward a work for the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse about service, art, and alchemy. A custom-designed neon sign signals the possibility of fortune telling, notary service, gold exchange, and coffee, all in a single action/interaction. The artists will activate the shop three times over the course of the exhibition, resulting in a personalized “hand-made” artwork created intimately with each participant.


NLE Programs
A Timeline of Hand Styles: Signatures from the 1960s to Present Day
1PM – 6PM

A temporary public art project curated by Lady K Fever

This project aims to capture the energy, style, form, and essence of artists’ signatures through a timeline that will refer to the history of graffiti from the 1960s to the present day. Artists from multiple generations that are still actively painting or writing their name in dedication to their craft will be invited. The unique style of each artist will come together on one wall, focusing on the “handstyle”—worked on and mastered over many years. This is a historic New York City moment for graffiti art: a way to celebrate and educate about the importance of the handstyle and to chip away at the stigma around the negative perceptions of graffiti.

Family Activity: Families will be encouraged to participate and tag/write their name on a roll of paper. Many parents/people have tagged their name when they were younger. Activities will encourage families members to talk about this NYC experience of coming of age


Dubbed in Reflection by Lady K Fever

No Longer Bored Family Days: Dubbed in Reflection
1PM – 4PM

Lady K Fever, an exhibiting artist and educator, uses performance, photography, painting, drawing to create abstract expressive artwork that incorporates traditional font lettering, poetry, street art techniques weaved with biographic and fantastical imagery. During this free art-making workshop, participants will work with Lady K Fever and her piece, titled Dubbed/ in Justice to create reflective light interventions in response to the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse.

No Longer Bored is a program designed for children and families to discover and explore No Longer Empty´s art exhibition through activities centered on inquiry, reflection, creativity and participation. We want children and families to explore the exhibition and develop an appreciation for art together.


Sunday, May 31 2015 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

MUSIC & Film
The Adventures of Don Quixote
1PM – 6PM

“The Adventures of Don Quixote” is a performance project created by a group of artists (Melanie Crean, Sable Elyse Smith, Shaun Leonardo) and individuals affected by the justice system, concerning the process of cyclical incarceration.

Based on the Cervantes character, their goal is to create a film and performance series that explore how factors leading to initial detention can further lead to increasing cycles of violence and repeated incarceration.

The project engages a range of participants, including teens working with The Point, the project’s supporting non­profit in the Bronx, formerly incarcerated young adults, as well as a range of people who have escaped the cycle and are now working as creative activists.

On May 31st, you will have the opportunity to experience their creative process during an open film session when directors and participants will develop, film, and interpret both scripted and unscripted actions onsite at the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse. Members of the community will be called to offer input as to how the building introduces meaning to the project, share their own experiences of the space, or even participate as a performer.


That’s all for this weekend, hope to catch you at one or all!

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