The Bronx Finally Gets A Full-Fledged Arts Supply Store—And It’s MASSIVE


Bronx artists have something to celebrate: They no longer have to go to Manhattan to get their art supplies.

Artist & Craftsman Supply, a worker owned supply shop with thousands of items has opened its first Bronx store in Wakefield.

Located at 3961 White Plains Road between E 224th and E 225th Streets, the 8,000+ square foot store offers everything you’d expect from downtown stores and then some.

From canvases, yarn, spray paint, and markers, to chalk, watercolors, brushes, sketch books and more, there isn’t much you won’t find at Artist & Craftsman Supply.

The company was founded in Maine 30 years ago and now boasts over 20 stores across the country (read company founder, Larry Alderstein’s story on the company’s beginnings)

All stores hire locally and reinvest back into their employees by giving them stock in the company thus enabling them to be owners.

The store is really, really massive. Like really massive.
The store is really, really massive. Like really massive.

And it’s not only their employees that they invest in—they also invest in their communities and local artists.

In a few weeks, Tag Public Art headed by Sinxero will be painting a mural in the neighborhood along with graffiti legend Sexer. This is one of two local murals that will be painted in collaboration with the store.

Artist & Craftsman Supply also seeks to partner up with local arts organizations and schools and even has special discounts when artists spend over $250 and $500 each get a respective discount, students and teachers get 10% discount every day.

“Everybody’s in the business to make money, you have to make money to succeed but we really want to support artists, to support and foster artistic endeavors in our youth especially”, said Cassie Brehmer, Regional Manager of Artist & Craftsman Supply.

Already they are doing exactly that.

The company generously sponsored two events for No Longer Empty with Lady K. Fever that focused on families and children and the store will also be tabling at Boogie on The Boulevard this coming August. This is something that she mentioned that they love to do so if you’re an organization that needs vendors or tabling partners definitely reach out to them.

She also mentioned that the store was originally going to focus on urban arts but they quickly realized that, “…The Bronx was an art supply store desert,” so they used that learning experience to adapt to the needs of Bronx artists.

The upstairs area may be small but looks are deceiving as the basement stretches across 3 store fronts underground.
The upstairs area may be small but looks are deceiving as the basement stretches across 3 store fronts underground.

According to Brehmer, prices are comparable or lower to other Manhattan art supply stores and that they also will price match if a customer brings in a sales flier.

One of the many wonderful things I encountered while checking the store out is that the employees are also artists and are extremely knowledgeable about the products and are quick to assist you.

Oh and did I mention that the store was painted and designed by the employees themselves?

Brehmer also stated that the store will eventually feature a classroom area where employees would be able to provide classes, but get this: It will also be available to artists, free of charge, who are interested in teaching classes as well.

I’m not an artist myself and I’m super excited about this and can only imagine my artist friends’ and Bronx artists’ reactions when they read about this let alone make a trip there.

No longer will our artists have to venture outside of our borough and can invest their money locally.

Don’t forget to tell them you heard about them here at Welcome2TheBronx!

This won’t be their only location in The Bronx as they are hoping to open up a second location at some point in the future but more on that later down the road!

You can contact them at:

Artist & Craftsman Supply
3961 White Plains Rd.
Bronx, NY 10466
Toll Free: 844-250-8044
Phone: 718-231-0501

The store is open 7 days a week as follows:

Regular Hours
Monday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 6:00pm

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