Breaking News: Bronx Housing Court & Bronx County Hall of Justice Test Positive for Legionella


Bronx County Hall of Justice in Melrose on 161st/(AP Photo/David Karp)
Bronx County Hall of Justice in Melrose on 161st/(AP Photo/David Karp)

Welcome2TheBronx has just learned from an employee at a local Bronx Courthouse that both Bronx Housing Court and Bronx County Hall of Justice have tested positive for Legionella the bacteria which causes Legionnaires’.

A New York City Department of Health official has confirmed the story with Welcome2TheBronx and has added that both buildings’ cooling towers where the bacteria was found have been cleaned and disinfected.

New York State Department of Health has sent in workers to assist New York City with the largest outbreak of the disease in history.

***According to, people who are at high risk such as those with compromised immune systems, chemotherapy, or respiratory ailments, should BOIL their drinking water first and then let it cool in the fridge before drinking.***

According to activist and environmentalist Erin Brockovich on a statement on Facebook on August 5th:

“The ONLY common element in the Legionella Outbreak Mr. Mayor is the water system. The cooling towers are spread across the community. It is a FACT the water system is responsible for transporting the bacteria around town. Until you can admit this, you will not fix the underlying problem and it will reoccur.

Imagine a sick human body… the blood stream (veins and arteries) are the transporting mechanism for the sickness… the cooling towers are the pox or open sores. It is where the organism is emitting from the body and causing the spread of infection…

The distribution system in the Bronx is full of biofilm… and other microorganisms.”

Stay tuned as this story develops.

Bronx Housing Court
Bronx Housing Court

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